for Time Management, Organization and Productivity

Do you have lists, notes and "stuff" all over the place?


My favorite "secret weapon" when it comes to staying organized, focused and productive is Trello.

On the surface, Trello may not look like much to you. 

Maybe you even tried it before and walked away wondering what the hype is all about.

However, when you know the right way to leverage Trello for your specific needs, it will flat out blow your mind. 



If you have never used Trello before, no worries!  This course starts with all of the foundations including boards, lists, cards, checklists, labels, attachments, due dates and MORE!

Advanced Features

Already using Trello? 

It's time to up your game!  You will learn how to leverage covers, giphys, stickers, animations. powerups and MORE!

Uses and Templates

Not sure where and how to implement Trello?  I share examples and templates including task planning, content planning, creating content, designing courses, brain dumps, business command center and MORE!

Do You Have a System to Manage #allthethings?


I do! And I want to share it with you!


Wait a Sec....Who Are You and Why Should I Take This Course?


I'm so glad you asked! After all, we just met!   

My name is Megan and I'm a Time Management and Productivity Coach, which is just fancy-pants for my-super-power-is helping people just like you do more in less time.

I geek out on systems & processes that structure your schedule & time so you have more harmony in your life! #worklifeharmony

Fact:  you need ONE central "go-to" place to access #allthethings in your life.  Task lists, biz info, ideas, work flows, content planning, note taking, shopping lists, priorities, school info, etc.

Trello is the answer.  And it is FREE!

Trust me, Trello is a complete game changer...and it is SO powerful when you know how to use it!

And...guess what?  I am going to show you exactly how!



This course will set you on a path for serious success and productivity. 

You simply can't afford NOT to take it!