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I help women master time management, organization and productivity.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and frazzled? 
Walking through the motions day after day “getting it done” but flat out exhausted?

Been there.  When my daughter was born, everything changed. 
My entire life revolved around doing things for everyone else…boss, kids, spouse, etc.  I no longer had any time for myself and was a slave to my “to-do” list.

Now, I am able to be 100% present in everything I love and STILL have time for myself.

If  Work + Life Harmony seems impossible, it isn’t!

If you are exhausted from #allthethings and want to gain control over your calendar again, I want to help YOU!

(Side note: I have a small shoe addiction problem. If you follow me, you WILL see pictures of fabulous shoes!)



Cara A.

Business Owner


"Thank you for having all these best practices in time management presented in a way that makes it easy to start to incorporate new habits bit by bit. I appreciate how you give us a strong foundation for taking charge of our calendars but the system is flexible enough that I can shape it and make it work for my life. I REALLY needed a reset in this area; I'm already seeing less "putting out fires", more room to breathe and things are moving off my to-do list that had been parked there for *months*."

Karen K.

Virtual Assistant


"Megan’s TOP Program has helped me in so many ways!  Not only am I a work from home virtual assistant, but I also homeschool my high schooler AND have a toddler!  Even though my ‘work life’ is intertwined with my ‘home life’ Megan’s training has shown me ways that I can block out time for myself and make a more cohesive schedule that will help me see where my time sucks are, outside of work. I have more time to be present with my family. I’m so excited to continue implementing the tools I’ve learned to be with my family, serve my clients well and even recharge myself!"

Kristin B.

Entrepreneur Mom


"Ever since having kids I have felt like my life is pure chaos with no intention.  With 2 little ones and working from home I was just getting by each day.  The TOP program was the catalyst I needed to take control of my life and get back on track!   You gave easy to implement processes and went step by step so that it wasn't overwhelming.  I'm slowly putting everything into practice and even the little things are making a huge impact on my time management! 
It is amazing!  Thank you, Megan!!!!"

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