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Before my daughter was born, I thought I was the most organized and “on top of it” person EVER.


Grace entered my life.  I was ecstatic to have her. 

But I quickly realized that all of my old organization and time management techniques no longer worked.

The wheels just fell off.

Juggling work AND motherhood was HARD.

In a way, I wasn't even sure who I was anymore.  

I was looking for more.  So when Grace was 3, I started a business.  And it was great... until it wasn't.

I found myself overwhelmed.

I was strung out, exhausted, irritable, sad, and frustrated, and I was putting on pounds like it was my JOB. order to succeed as both an entrepreneur AND a mom.  

Since my old ways were no longer working, I dug through my 20+ years of expertise.  


After all, I had all the skills I needed: 
          🗹  Organization
          🗹  Time management
          🗹  Systems and Processes
          🗹  Productivity Tools


I took all of those skills and my expertise, and I created new ways to manage my time.

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