Past Engagements & Featured In:

  • Keynote Speaker at the HFMA Women in Leadership Conference
  • Keynote speaker at The Swarm Event
  • Featured speaker at Amber McCue's Planathon
  • Featured speaker at the QAI conference
  • Signature presenter on the Beautiful Home Beautiful Life Summit and Get Organized Summit

Podcast Guest On:

Maximized Minimalist with Katy Wells

How to Manage Your Time And Beat Overwhelm

Foot Traffic Formula with Stacy Tuschl

Getting on TOP of Time Management

The Expert Edge with Colin Boyd

How To Finish & Implement a Course You've Joined

She's Making an Impact with Rachel Ngom

Triple Your Productivity This WEEK

The Affluent Entrepreneur Show with Mel Abraham

Control Your Time to Live a Rich Life

Also Featured In:

Fab Working Mom Life

How to Prevent Over-Scheduling as a Working Mom

Girl Boss

"How Do I Focus More on Work and Stop Procrastinating?"

The Mint Chip Mama

Time Management Tips For The Busy Mom



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Megan Sumrell is a former corporate techie turned entrepreneur.

As a business owner, mom, and wife, she knows exactly how hard it is to juggle #allthethings while still maintaining your own sense of self and purpose. When her daughter was born in 2010, life as she knew it completely changed. After struggling to manage work, motherhood, and family, Megan set about a new way to manage her time and organize her calendar. She took her 20+ year career in systems and processes and applied it to one of her favorite things... time management!

As a Time Management Expert for women seeking Work+Life Harmony, Megan teaches specific strategies to help women get on top of their time, calendar and goals while getting rid of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

Her proprietary planning approach is the only 'feminine' planning system that works from the 'bottom up'. Her courses and planner teach exactly how to plan your weeks and days to maximize productivity efficiently, while still allowing for flexibility and down time.



Podcast for women who are feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and exhausted trying to do #allthethings. 

Each week, Megan shares practical advice, real stories, and awesome interviews from other women that are finding work+life harmony as they juggle (not balance) their lives, families, work and businesses ...without sacrificing themselves or the things they love. Be prepared to walk away feeling empowered and equipped to manage your time, get organized, and skyrocket your productivity!