Create A Morning Routine Uniquely Yours!

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Meditation, yoga and journaling are NOT part of my morning routine...but they might be a perfect part of yours!


Have you tried every "high achiever" morning routine only to find that you hate getting up in the morning?

Guess what? 

It isn't your fault!

Studies have shown that based on your unique personality type, different activities are better suited to start your day.

There is actual scientific reasons why doing yoga first thing puts me in a really bad mood and stresses me out!  But, it might be the perfect way for you to start your day.

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It's Time For You to Start Your Day In a Way That Serves You!

How Do You Refuel?

This eye-opening exercise lays the foundation for you to create your morning routine.  Routines and task lists are not the same thing.

Identify the Right Activities

Based on your personality type, unlock the key activities you need to start each day for success.

Create Your Morning Routine

A step-by-step process to lay out your morning routine.

How to Adjust Routines

Establishing the right morning routine takes time.  Learn how (and when) to tweak and change.

What If's...

Are you a night owl? What if you have kids that wake up early?  Weekends?  Vacation? You will know how to navigate these with ease!

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What Others Are Saying:

Diane U.

I have truly enjoyed this! You are so motivating and down to earth! It never occurred to me before that my bad mood in the morning was due to lack of me time. Doing the personality traits and figuring out what I need to feel fueled was so enlightening. Every other morning routine I’ve ever tried was geared toward doing more task/chores in the morning. I am loving how I feel after working out and having my coffee before serving others! Thank you so much!!!!

Patty H.

This was sosooooo awesome! I really can't stress how helpful your style is Megan..the small doable chunks are the main thing that made this work for me...Thank you a million times! 

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