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Do you ever feel overwhelmed and frazzled? 
Walking through the motions day after day “getting it done” but flat out exhausted?

Been there.  

When my daughter was born, everything changed. 
My entire life revolved around doing things for everyone else…boss, kids, spouse, etc.  I no longer had any time for myself and was a slave to my “to-do” list.

Now, I am able to be 100% present in everything I love and STILL have time for myself.

If  Work + Life Harmony seems impossible, it isn’t!

If you are exhausted from #allthethings and want to gain control over your calendar again, I want to help YOU!

If you're...

  • juggling #allthethings and overwhelmed
  • so far behind you don't even know where to start
  • tired of being tired ALL.THE.TIME (every single day)
  • unable to remember the last time you had fun...just for you

Then you need...

  • a realistic time management strategy that works
  • a simple process to get "un-stuck" and back in action
  • a system that prioritizes guilt free down time
  • more time to reconnect with what matters most to you

Hi! I'm Megan. 

Before my daughter was born, I thought I was the most organized and “on top of it” person EVER.

Then…Grace entered my life.  I was ecstatic to have her. But I quickly realized that all of my old organization and time management techniques no longer worked.

The wheels just fell off.

Juggling work AND motherhood was HARD. 

Since my old ways were no longer working, I dug through my 20+ years of expertise.  

After all, I had all the skills I needed: organization, time management, systems and processes, and productivity tools.

I took all of those skills and my expertise, and I created new ways to manage my time.

What if you had one place to organize #allthethings both at home and one the go?

Learn Trello for Time Management, Organization, and Productivity.


Forget work-life doesn't exist. 

The TOP Program is the #1 time management system for women seeking Work + Life Harmony. 


The #1 planner for women that actually teaches you how to plan! This is the exact planner I use every day, week, month and year to juggle #allthethings and maintain Work + Life Harmony.


Each week, you will hear practical advice, real stories, and awesome interviews from other women that are finding work+life harmony as they juggle (not balance) their lives, families, work and businesses.


It doesn’t matter how many things are on your plate daily, there are ways to prioritize your schedule so it doesn’t overwhelm and stress you out. HINT: Productivity isn’t about getting ALL the things done. capable of doing.


Busy isn't productive. Learn how to stop being busy and start being empowered with a calendar you control.

The Pink Bee App includes training, community, and tracking.


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