136 Contributions, not Chores with Amy McCready

feeling overwhelmed, how to get kids to do chores, positive parenting 

Feeling overwhelmed may seem like it’s just part of the gig as a mom. Thankfully, positive parenting expert Amy McCready is here to help and shares the advice we need on priorities, how to get kids to do chores, and so much more! Trust me when I say her tips have been a game-changer in our home.

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How many times have you started your weekend feeling overwhelmed rather than relaxed and ready to recharge?
As a mom, I know our weekends can become a battleground of priorities between my daughter and me, and it’s hard to keep positive parenting at the forefront when this happens. 
This is just one of the things we’re diving into with parenting expert Amy McCready as she sheds light on everything from how to get kids to do chores to understanding where your kid is coming from. 
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • The secret sauce behind Positive Parenting Solution’s mind, body, and soul time 
  • An easy way to stop feeling overwhelmed about how to get kids to do chores (hint: stop calling them chores!)
  • How to balance your priorities as a parent with your kid’s priorities 
Then, if you’re ready to explore even more positive parenting, you can attend Amy’s free webinar on getting kids to listen without nagging, yelling, or losing control. 
Also, be sure to check out her books and follow her on Instagram @positiveparentingsolutions for other tips and tools.


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