137 How to Create Routines for a Non-routine Life

create routines, daily routines, weekly planning
Establishing daily routines can be a challenge for moms with ever-changing schedules, but this episode will help you see routines in a new light. Plus, you’ll learn the steps to create flexible routines that actually work for you and discover how to fit them into your weekly planning.

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 As a busy mom, does your daily and weekly planning constantly look different?
I get it, and I know with a fluid, constantly-shifting schedule, you may feel like daily routines simply can’t work for your life.
If you’ve written off your ability to create routines because you have a very non-routine life, this week’s conversation is absolutely for you!
By the end of this episode, you will learn:
  • About the flexible weekly and daily routines in my life — and how much time they save me
  • A new way to define routines and how to create routines that truly make sense for you
  • How to fit routines into your weekly planning — even if no two weeks or days look the same

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