145 3 Things Every Paper Planner User Needs to Know

paper planner, weekly planning, priorities

When it comes to choosing a paper planner, there are a lot of factors to consider! This week, I dive into what your top priorities should be when choosing a new paper planner. Plus, I’m sharing what these things mean for your weekly planning.

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Are you team paper planner or team digital planner?
If you’re a paper planner lover, this week’s episode is definitely for you!
I’m spelling out the top 3 priorities you need to take into account when choosing your planner to boost your productivity and ensure successful weekly planning.
By the end of this episode, you will learn:
  • The one true purpose of your paper planner
  • How your planner’s layout, size, and binding factor into your weekly planning
  • The pros and cons of dated versus undated planners 
Then, if you’re ready to learn more about the best paper planner around — complete with the #1 planning system for women — check out the TOP Planner.

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