150 5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Sunday with Toni-Ann

Sunday routine, how to stop feeling overwhelmed, how to get organized

Finding a Sunday routine that sets you up for success is HUGE for busy moms! We all want to learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally crack the code on how to get organized without sacrificing our weekends — and that’s exactly what today’s guest is here to help us do with five simple steps.


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When was the last time you Googled phrases like “how to stop feeling overwhelmed on Monday” or “Sunday routine for busy moms”?
Look, I get it! Figuring out how to get organized and feel prepared for the week ahead — without sucking all of the joy AND free time out of your weekend — can be challenging.
That’s why Toni-Ann Mayembe of Real Happy Mom is here to share a quick and easy Sunday routine that will set you up for a successful week in just five simple steps.
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • A manageable Sunday routine that will get you ready for the week ahead
  • The way weekly planning factors into Toni-Ann’s steps
  • How to get organized with everything from your clothes to your meals to your devices
Also, be sure to follow Toni-Ann on Instagram @realhappymom for even more tips and systems tailor-made for busy moms!

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