72. Getting Your Home Organized with Perri Kersh

podcast Feb 09, 2021

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Let's face it..we all have some cabin fever going on. And, the longer we are all in place in our homes, the more time we have to realize that we want to "re-do" and reorganize every inch of our house. However, decided where and how to start is NOT easy. Perri Kersh is a professional organizer and is going to share some GREAT tips for anyone needing organizational help or even just some tips on setting up a home workspace.

Bio: For over 15 years, organizing expert Perri Kersh has helped individuals, families, students and small business owners organize their time and their space so they can function at their very best. Perri has yet to meet a space she won't tackle--from kitchens to garages to closets to offices--she offers an organizational methodology that helps kick clutter to the curb and brings a sense of calm and order to clients throughout the Triangle. Learn more at neat-freak.com.


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