139 Avoiding the Hustle Culture with Ashley Meyer

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“Don’t hide your motherhood” is a mantra from MOMpire’s Ashley Meyer that changed my life, and today, she’s here sharing why motherhood and being a mompreneur are such powerful gifts. She’s also here to show you how you can trade in toxic hustle culture for simplicity to find success. 

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As an employee or business owner, can you remember a time when you felt like you had to hide your motherhood?
The ambitious, “have it all” hustle culture that tells us, as women, we should constantly be excelling and pushing in both our work and our personal life, but that the two should never overlap. 
This simply isn’t true, and the incredible Ashley Meyer of MOMpire®️ is here to share how showing up as your full self as a mom and an entrepreneur simultaneously is not only possible but phenomenal, and why there’s no shame in owning the title of “mompreneur.”
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • Why you should never have to hide your motherhood in your work or otherwise
  • Our thoughts on the titles “mompreneur” and “boss mom”
  • How to ditch hustle culture for good and instead embrace simplicity, systems, and structure to find freedom
Also, if you’re ready for even more motherhood inspiration, be sure to follow Ashley and MOMpire®️ on Instagram @ashleybrookemeyer and @themompire

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