Can You Really Do More in Less Time?

Can You Really Do More in Less Time?

Doing more in less time.  Can you really defy the laws of time?  Sounds impossible, right?

It isn’t!

The magic is knowing when you should be doing specific tasks so that you can do them in the most efficient way possible.

The core premise behind this is the fact that we all have very different body rhythms. Some of us are naturally morning people. Some of us are more wired for the evening. Some people really hit their stride midday. We all have different times of the day where we're feeling more creative or more focused and we all have times in the day where we are more easily distracted. 

The more we learn about ourselves and our natural body rhythms, the more equipped we are to make powerful choices on aligning the right tasks to the right time.

If you are not a morning person, that is okay! You may work better in the evening. I know many people who crush it at night.  I am just not one of them :) So, don’t feel bad if morning isn’t your thing. Embrace the uniqueness of you! 

Personally, I know that I need to get up early to get things done, because once the evening hits I turn into jello. My creativity is highest mid-morning. 

If I were to sit down to a creative task in the afternoon, it would not come easy and take me longer than I want. And, the end result is probably something I would not be super happy with.  But, if I do that exact same task in the morning, I can probably do it in half the time and better quality.

This is what I mean by getting more done in less time. The task is the task. But,  depending on when I choose to do it is going to dictate how long it's going to take for me to actually get it done.

So how do we go about discovering for ourselves when the right time is for us to do certain activities? This is what I call conducting an energy audit. 

I've shared information in previous podcasts about time audits. That's where all my students start inside the TOP Program.  Time audits are incredibly, incredibly insightful. But an energy audit is slightly different. And it’s something you have to do over the course of the entire week so that you can really start to notice patterns.

Understanding your energy cycles is what lets you make really smart decisions when you actually go to schedule and plan activities for the week.

To get the full details about the energy audit and exactly how to do it, listen to my Work Life Harmony Podcast Episode 91 

If you're out there on either Facebook or Instagram, go ahead and let me know that you are starting on your energy audit so that I can cheer you on! Then, I'd love for you to share what kind of “aha” moments you had or things that you learned about yourself that hadn't been concrete to you before. 

I'm going to be doing an energy audit again as we shift from the school year ending into summer mode. So hopefully I will be doing an energy audit along with several of you as well. I hope you have a fantastic week!

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