152 Creating Meaningful Plans with Money with Brie Sodano

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The incredible Brie Sodano is back to share with you the financial planning tips you need to create more space, time, and freedom in your life! Brie’s also one of the featured speakers for my upcoming Plan-A-Palooza annual planning event because let’s face it, planning and money go hand-in-hand.


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Do the words budgeting or financial planning send shivers down your spine?
If so, you’re definitely not alone, but the truth is we can’t really talk about our annual planning without also talking about our money.
Thankfully, today’s guest, Brie Sodano, approaches money in a way that’s accessible and empowering for women, and she’s back to share the planning tips and money system you need as you think ahead to 2023 (and beyond!).
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • Planning tips you can apply no matter where you are on your financial journey
  • Brie’s invisible money system and how it can help with your annual planning 
  • Why this type of financial planning will create more space and time in your life
Then, if you’re ready to dive deeper into financial freedom by uncovering where your cash is actually going each month, check out Brie’s DIY course, “Find Your Bleed.
You can also follow Brie on Instagram @sheeptoshark for even more tips on money mindset, management, and investment.
AND be sure you’ve grabbed your seat for my upcoming Plan-A-Palooza annual planning event happening on October 18th and 19th!

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