147 Finding Harmony and Saving Time in Your Closet with Mary Nidiffer

tips to save time, how to stop feeling overwhelmed, find your style

Wanting to find your style and feel confident in your clothes is NOT shallow. It’s a beautiful way to care for yourself and find harmony in your life. Today, style guru Mary Nidiffer shares how to stop feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your closet and the best tips to save time getting dressed!


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When you open your closet in the morning, how do you feel? Excited? Overwhelmed? Lost?
If the clothes staring back at you leave you feeling frustrated or like you’ll never feel confident and find your style, today’s guest is here to help!
Style expert Mary Nidiffer is the queen of helping women learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed and, instead, find harmony, peace, and joy when it comes to their closets. Plus, she’s the BEST at giving intentional tips to save time while doing it!
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • Game-changing tips to save time when it comes to your wardrobe 
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed about shopping and choose the best clothes for you
  • The way to find your style and feel fantastic
Then, after listening, if you’re ready to dive deeper and get the support you deserve when it comes to your clothes and how you feel while wearing them, check out StyleFinder.
Also, be sure to follow Mary on Instagram @stylebymarymichele for even more closet inspiration.

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