149 How transitions affect productivity

transitions, productivity, feeling overwhelmed

Transitions — we make them all day, every day, but how much attention do we give them? In this episode, I’m exploring how purposeful transitions can increase your productivity and stop you from feeling overwhelmed and irritable. PLUS, I’m sharing the six words that have been a game-changer for me!


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Have you noticed that even with intentional weekly planning, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and irritable?
This is exactly where I found myself until a recent vacation with my daughter when I discovered a single, six-word question that gave me a whole new lens for considering how I go through my days.
In this episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about transitions and how they affect our productivity and our overall work-life harmony!
By the end of this episode, you will learn:
  • The one question that reshaped my thoughts about transitions
  • How to increase your productivity and decrease your irritability
  • Why asking yourself this question throughout your day will help you stop feeling overwhelmed

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