153 Is Planning for the Future a Waste of Time?

long-term planning, annual planning, work-life harmony

Many people think long-term planning is a waste of time — especially for busy moms. But in this episode, I’m sharing how the right kind of annual planning helps you stay present, establish boundaries, and avoid overscheduling so that you can finally create the work-life harmony you desire.


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When was the last time you followed through with the goals and dreams you wrote down during your annual planning?
If you’re like many of the women I talk to, you’ve pretty much thrown in the towel on long-term planning, and it’s hard to blame you.
Making annual plans that actually work for our lives as busy moms can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. And today, I’m sharing with you why long-term planning (done the right way!) is worthwhile AND how it helps you create the work-life harmony you crave.
By the end of this episode, you will learn:
  • Why your current method of long-term planning feels like a waste of time — and it probably is
  • The reason annual planning helps you stay present and have more work-life harmony NOW
  • How long-term plans support your boundaries and keep you from overscheduling

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