Is Self-Care a Requirement or Reward?

Do you consider breaks and self-care a reward or requirement? Boy have I learned a new way of thinking!

Be honest…how do you view “taking a break?”  Do you think of a break or self-care as a reward for work completed or do you consider it a requirement for your well-being?

For years, I used to set little “rewards” for myself for doing #allthethings.  I would tell myself, “If I can get these 12 things done this week, then I can reward myself with a manicure.”

Or…once I get the house chores done, I will let myself watch an episode of ‘This is Us.’

Every break or moment of “me-time” was something I set up that I had to earn.  It was a reward.  And, if I didn’t get the things done, then I didn’t earn my reward. 

I thought this was ok.  For a really really really long time.

Then, I heard an amazing Podcast with Tonya Dalton and she hit it on the head when she said that breaks, downtime, self-care, etc are requirements, NOT rewards.

Think about that.  Taking the time you need for you is a requirement. 

Powerful shift in your thinking, isn’t it?

Here is my challenge to you.  To each and every one of you reading this. Today.  Right now.  Decide what break you are going to take as your requirement

Think about professional athletes.  Part of their training is “tapering” and days off.  In order for them to perform at their highest level possible, they have to take breaks.  Their bodies require it.  And guess what?  So does yours.  In order for you to be the best you…the best entrepreneur, employee, friend, wife, mom, sister, aunt, etc…you require breaks.  Often.  Even if the chores and tasks are not done yet.

Yesterday I was exhausted.  I still had two more things on my list to get done but my brain was fried.  So guess what I did?  I walked away from my desk and plopped in my favorite chair and read for 20 minutes.  It wasn’t a work related book or a parenting book, either.  It was pure fiction (David Baldacci is one of my faves!)

Take your required breaks, friends!!  And do it often!

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