158 Managing Expected Mess vs. Clutter with Katy Wells

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Today’s guest, Katy Wells, has truly changed my life with her decluttering methods and organization tips and allowed me to stop feeling overwhelmed about the physical things in our house. I know she’ll also be a game-changer for you when it comes to finding ways to simplify and declutter your home!


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Is one of your goals for next year to declutter your home?

Today’s guest, Katy Joy Wells, is THE expert you want to learn from on this topic, and she’s back with the organization tips you need to tackle decluttering without feeling overwhelmed.
She’s also shedding light on the difference between managing expected mess and decluttering. (This was a HUGE eye-opener for me!)
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • The systems and organization tips you need to confidently get more organized in 2023
  • How to tackle large decluttering projects around your house without feeling overwhelmed
  • The subtle difference between expected mess and clutter — and why it matters
Then, if you’re ready for more from Katy, check out her Toy Clutter Cure.
You can also follow her on Instagram at @katyjoywells and tune into her previous appearance on the Work + Life Harmony Podcast in Episode 135.
Lastly (but certainly not least!), be sure to join Katy and me at my upcoming Plan-a-Palooza event on October 18th and 19th, where you will learn everything you need to declutter in 2023! Grab your ticket HERE.

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