Overwhelmed? Been there.


I used to have my shit together.  

Then I had a kid.  

And the wheels fell off.

Who knew that introducing ONE tiny little human into your life could change EVERYTHING?  Really. Absolutely everything.

I remember when I was pregnant and I would see moms out with their kids.  They looked frazzled, exhausted, and half irritated.

I would smile to myself and pat my ENORMOUS stomach and think, “I won’t be that way.  I’m the queen of organization.”

Are you laughing yet?  You should be. Fast forward to 1 year later and guess EXACTLY who I looked like?  Yup…that frazzled, exhausted mom.

I’m a planner.  (shocker, right?)  I read all the books (and I mean ALL the books) about being pregnant and what to expect with babies.  BUT…none of these books actually prepared me (or anyone for that matter) on how to adjust your life to accommodate motherhood….especially if you have to go back to work after maternity leave.  The only tips I found in books assumed I would not be going back to work.

“Nap when your baby naps.” Nope.  Can’t do that. Not allowed to take a nap at 1pm at work.

“Run errands first thing while your child is rested.”  Nope..can’t do that…again, work.

“Leverage the gym day care to get some exercise for yourself.”  Again no…the gym day care is only open during work hours.

So….one day in a state of sheer exhaustion, I called uncle.  I threw in the towel. I needed help. I called a dear friend in tears and said, “Why doesn’t anything work like it used to anymore?” Her response hit me like a ton of bricks. “Because your life isn’t like it used to be anymore.  A lot has changed. Maybe you need to change your approach to things.”

Duh.  I was trying to do everything exactly how I used to do it before Grace was born instead of starting over and taking a fresh start.  

So that is exactly what I did.  I wiped the slate clean and started all over.  From ground zero. I tackled my current state of exhaustion and unhappiness like a project at work.  Slowly but surely, I set up NEW processes and systems for myself. I found NEW ways of doing things. I tried and tried again until I found the right system and tools to help me.  

Now, here I am….several years later and I can honestly say I am the happiest and rested I’ve EVER been.  

Has my life gotten any easier?  Nope. Is motherhood any less stressful?  Nope. Has work gotten easier? Nope…in fact I started TWO businesses of my own during this time.  Is my task list shorter? HELL NO! I swear it grows longer with each passing year.

What HAS changed is how I organize, schedule and manage my time.  I am really really good at it…and nothing makes me happier than helping OTHERS do the same thing.  

So, if you are in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion…I have good news.  Things CAN change! You CAN get back to a place of rest, joy, and harmony again!

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