157 Planning Large Home Projects with Tasha Agruso

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As a part of the Meet the Guest Expert series for our upcoming Plan-a-Palooza, I’m so excited to introduce you to the DIY home project guru, Tasha Agruso! She’s sharing her best project planning tips to help you stop feeling overwhelmed about the big things you want to tackle in your home.


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How many home projects are you currently putting off because just the thought of them leaves you stressed and feeling overwhelmed?
You are definitely NOT alone in this! In fact, many women avoid large home projects altogether because they are so daunting.
That’s why, today, I have the master of DIY home projects, Tasha Agruso, here to give us the actionable planning tips we need to break down large projects into manageable steps.
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • How Tasha plans for large home projects
  • Key planning tips to help you DIY the bigger projects you’ve been avoiding
  • The way to maximize your time when doing home projects so you stop feeling overwhelmed and actually get things DONE
Then, if you’re ready for more from Tasha, follow her and her business on Instagram @tasha.kaleidoscope and @kaleidoscope_living.
And be sure to join Tasha and me at my upcoming Plan-a-Palooza event on October 18th and 19th, where you will learn her entire home project planning system! Grab your ticket HERE.

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