Remember that “Time Freedom” You Were Looking For?

All network marketers talk about how we can “work anywhere…any time.” The harsh reality for so many is that this turns into “working EVERYWHERE….ALL the time.”

Even though it was almost 6 years ago, I remember the day I joined my direct sales business so clearly.

I was scared…but I did it anyway.  I wanted time freedom above all else.  I was making great money in my career…but desperately wanted more time freedom.  I dreamt of more time with my daughter.  More relaxed nights at home.  More days to do things for ME.

Fast forward 2 years.  I was earning enough money to leave corporate once and for all.  I was elated!!!

FINALLY…..all the glorious time freedom I wanted was MINE.  ALL MINE!

Or was it?

One of the things network marketers talk about is how we can “work anywhere…any time.”  The harsh reality for so many is that this turns into “working EVERYWHERE….ALL the time.”

I quickly found myself tied to my phone.  I would try and “hide” it while watching a movie at night with my husband.  I would answer messages while playing a board game with my daughter.  I scheduled calls 4 nights a week.  Cooking dinner and sending voice texts at the same time.

Time freedom?  Nope.  None.  Being able to run a business from your phone is awesome…until it’s not.  Why?  The urge to work all the time…to “squeeze” one more thing in…the ever dreaded phrase “nooks and crannies”….that’s why.

Network marketing companies are failing in one key area.  Teaching their reps how to create streamlined systems and processes so you CAN truly have that time freedom.

What was celebrated by my family suddenly became a massive annoyance…I was never “off.”  Things needed to change.

We always hear that you can grow a successful business in 30 minutes a day.  Was this really possible?  I set out to find solutions.  After all, time management, systems and organization are my jam!

Guess what?  I have GREAT news.  It actually IS possible…and it is something everyone can learn how to do.  You CAN build a business in 30 minutes a day…and as you really grow, you can keep it to 10 or less hours per week.

I still manage and run that same business I started almost 6 years ago…and recently brought a new Direct Sales company into my portfolio.  I have grown that business faster than I ever thought possible…in just 7 hours a week.

How?  Streamlined systems and time management.  Period.

After helping so many other team members master this, I knew it was time to get this information out to as many people as possible.  And that is exactly why I created the Systems for Success course.

If you are tired of working all the time, everywhere, this course is for YOU!  If you joined your business for more time freedom, you will love this!

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