Two Things I Will Never Compromise

No matter what, I have two things I will never compromise on and these two things keep me sane!

As many of you know, the last month has been full of changes.  Big changes.  Not only was it Christmas and holiday break (which means 2 weeks off from school), but I also managed to launch a new program, start a new business, and pack up our entire house….yes…you heard me right….our entire house.  All of our “stuff” is now sitting in PODs for storage while we live in an Air BNB for a few months for some massive home renovations.  We were thrown several curve balls (not going to list them all here) that felt like the universe was testing me BIG time.

And…as I discovered over the last 24 hours, we are living directly across from the train tracks.  Train tracks.  They say we will get used to it and will stop hearing it soon.  I’ll keep you posted on that.  For now, I most certainly hear it….loud and clear.

I am not going to sit here and tell you it was smooth sailing because I am a kick ass planner.  It was not.  It was one heck of a bumpy road and I completely lost my s*** a few times.  Completely.  It wasn’t pretty.

That said, this did not “sneak up” on me, either.  I had 2 months to prepare for this.  So I did.  I planned.  Sometimes, the list of things to do and the plan is SO huge that looking at it all at once completely overwhelms me.  This was one of those times.  So, I took it 1 day at a time…focusing on the things that needed to get done just that one day. 

Obviously, we made it.  I am sitting here at my “desk” (aka folding table) writing this after just waking up to the 5am train going by.

Why am I putting all of this into a blog post? 

I wanted to paint the picture of a LOT of change.  I wanted to paint that picture so I could tell you what I believe to be the two reasons I remained somewhat sane and calm during this entire process (except for those two times I completely lost it).

First, I never stopped my weekly planning. Even on vacation.  Even on moving day.  Even when I was tired.  Even when Grace was interrupting me every 5 seconds.  I still sat down every Sunday night and laid out my plan for the week.  I communicated it with my family, and I did my best to stick to it.

Second, I never stopped my morning routine.  Ever. The one and only day I laid in bed and waited for Grace to get us up was Christmas Day (remind me to tell you how she woke us up one time!). I have tweaked and crafted a personal morning routine over the last few years that has seriously changed my life.  It is 100% designed for me, my personality, and the way my brain and body works.  It grounds me each and every day.  It shifts from time to time as needed but I still prioritize that time for myself every single morning before I turn into “Mom” and “Megs.”  I serve myself first.


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