What Does Being Intentional Mean?

We have all heard the phrase "being intentional"....but you ever really thought about what that means?

Intentional.  This is a word I use a lot when I talk about how I manage my time.  I hear more and more people using this word, too.

I always “knew” what it meant…but I decided to look it up the other day to get the official definition.   Boy am I glad I did!

Two phrases came up that were like a smack across the face.

First up…”Purposeful in word and action.” 

Pretty powerful 5 words, isn’t it?  Imagine a life where you were purposeful in both your words and your actions.  For me, controlling my calendar is exactly how I am purposeful in action.  I respect my time and others.  Time is the most precious gift we have that is 100% ours to spend however we want.  I encourage you to ask yourself if you are being intentional in how your plan and spend your time.

The second definition I love is “you actively interact and engage with your life.” 

We are all active in our lives.  We are “busy” (you know I hate that word).  We are moving from one event to another.  But…ask yourself… are you engaging with your life?  Are you spending your time in a way that is meaningful and purposeful?  Are you “all in” or are you just walking through the motions?  Are you being intentional?

Here is my challenge to you this week:

Every single time someone asks you to do something…every time you set out to spend time on an activity, take a quick second and ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is this purposeful?
  2. Is this how I want to engage with my life?


If your answer is no, then guess what.  DON’T DO IT!!!

How you spend your time is up to you, friends.  Period.  Do it with INTENTION!

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