228 What is The TOP Program?

What is The TOP Program?


In this episode, get ready for an exclusive deep dive into my signature program, the TOP Program. Short for Time Management, Organization, and Productivity, the TOP Program is my proprietary teaching and this isn't just a personal system – it's backed by skills, techniques, and neuroscience acquired over two decades. Having reached over 10,000 women worldwide, the TOP Program offers a completely DIY training experience. When you join, you gain lifetime access to the comprehensive material, allowing you to navigate it at your own pace.

Whether you're a seasoned student of The TOP Program or considering joining this thriving community, this episode is your insider's guide to mastering time management, organization, and productivity through the Top Program.

➡️ If you're ready to join The TOP Program, special enrollment is now open through Feb 12th. Head to www.thetopprogram.com to enroll. 


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Hey everyone, I've got some big news coming to you about my signature program, the TOT Program. What is the TOT Program, you ask Great question. It stands for Time Management, organization and Productivity, and it is where I have been teaching thousands of women all over the world how to control their calendar and truly achieve a life of work-life harmony. This program has been around for several years now and today I'm thrilled to announce some incredibly powerful changes happening inside of the TOT Program and, trust me, you're going to love them. So let's dive in. Welcome to the Work Life Harmony Podcast. I'm your host, Megan Sumrell. I'm the creator of the TOT Program and TOT Planner, teaching all things time management, organization and productivity for women. I'm also a mom and wife and, just like you, I'm juggling, hashtag all the things while running multiple businesses and a family. Guess what? You don't have to feel constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out. There is another way. When you have the right systems and tools to plan and manage your time, you can live a life of harmony. This is your show to learn from me and other amazing women how to master your time, planning an organization to skyrocket your productivity so you can have work-life harmony. If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed. This is the show for you, and if you're new here, I'd love to get you started with my work-life harmony assessment. All you have to do is DM me on Instagram at Megan Sumrell, with the word Harmony, and my team will send it right over. Hey there, welcome back to the Work Life Harmony Podcast. I apologize in this episode If I sound a little off. I've just been battling a head cold. I feel great, but I don't sound quite like myself. But this was such important information I just couldn't wait to get it out to you. Now I do want to preface everything I'm going to go through right now to say, if you are listening to this episode and you are already a student inside of the top program, I'm really excited for you because everything I'm going to share here today, you will automatically be getting All right. So there's my little teaser. So this episode. I really want to spend some time talking about my signature program, which is called the Top Program. Top stands for Time Management, organization and Productivity, because I have just made a lot of new changes inside of the program and they're incredibly valuable, and so I want to take a few minutes here today. Make sure you understand what the Top Program is all about and then tell you about the new changes that are rolling out inside the program. So, again, any of my current top students any time I add something new or shift any changes in the program, you always get it automatically. That is always my promise to you. So what is the Top Program? Well, top stands for Time Management, organization and Productivity. It is my signature teaching. It is a proprietary meaning.

I developed this time management organization in planning system. Now you may be thinking, hey, how was it that you came about this, Megan? Well, if you don't know, I actually, prior to running the Pink Bee business, I spent over 20 years in corporate and really inside of the IT space where I served as somebody that would come into organizations and basically turn software teams from chaotic to harmonious. I have extensive training. I have a number of certifications all around process improvement, quality control, quality assurance. Any of my fellow tech nerds out there. I was very heavy in the early stages of the Agile communities and the Lean Six Sigma world as well. So this is not just something I kind of created inside of my own life or things that work specifically for me. This time management organization and productivity system is actually backed by a ton of skills, techniques, neuroscience that I spent over 20 years learning and implementing. So I always like to kind of I don't talk about it that much, but it really is a massive differentiator inside of the program and this program. The teachings that I put in here have now reached over 10,000 women worldwide and people are joining every single day. Now it is a completely DIY training, meaning when you purchase the top program, the training is already there for you. You have access to it for life, which means you get to go through it at your own pace, and also it means if life hands you a curve ball and you want to refresh her on a certain piece of training, you can always go back and watch that as well. So it's really I think it takes a lot of stress out of thinking you know you have a limited time to consume the information.

Now I wanted to share some feedback that just came in from one of our newer students. That kind of, I think, gives an overview of things that can happen to you in your life when you go through the top program, and then we're going to break down some of the exciting changes that are in there. So this just came through. I'm going to read it here. It says just in the first five minutes of this program, and I'm really feeling Megan's comments about time management as a learned skill.

Megan is so fluent and so comfortable with this it's maybe easy to think it should come naturally. I have to keep reminding myself of this. Megan's 20 plus years of experience with time management, plus the mastery that comes with teaching. Something is what makes Megan a great teacher and so competent and comfortable. I don't use that word lightly, honestly. It's a beautiful thing to see and makes me think Well, I got a ways to go. But if I have even 50% of Megan's ease with time management, I think I'll be 100% better off than I am today. Now, when I get feedback like this, this is what keeps me going. This is what inspires me to continue to learn and grow and provide the absolute best training that I can. I love that. She highlights that. It looks like it comes with ease to me, but the funny thing about that is I was not born this way. These were skills I was taught and I have learned and I have developed and I have mastered again over 20 years. So I always like to encourage people to remember. It takes time.

So let's talk through some of the changes that are in the program the core components around time management, organization and productivity, and there are nine components inside of those pillars. It is 100% the same. The same foundational teachings to master weekly and monthly planning are the same. However, I have re-recorded all of the videos in the course for a few reasons. One is technology has improved and I wanted to get better quality videos out there to everyone, because the better the quality, the easier it is for you to consume. I also have made some advancements in some visual aids. So when I go detailed training on the step by step process for weekly planning and then the step by step process for monthly planning, historically I would usually have a camera on me at a large whiteboard that was mimicking a calendar and a planner. Now, with the better digital tools out there, there are easier ways for me to screen share actual planners, and so it's just again cleans it up and makes it even easier for you. So there's just some new and improved visual aids inside of the training videos themselves. Now two huge changes, additions coming into the program came from requests of current top program students.

What I love about this program is it really is for anyone Meaning. If you are overwhelmed and you want to learn how to plan your time better, this program is for you. It's not just for working moms, it's not just for full-time at-home moms, it's not just for women running businesses. It really is for anyone feeling overwhelmed. However, a lot of women know I juggle managing the household, our daughter and running a very successful business as well, and I get a lot of questions around really integrating my working life with my home life. So within each of the modules now I have added a bonus training videos specifically for anyone that is running their own business there. I'm just calling it kind of small business. So whatever you want to call yourself fill in the blank preneur, whether you're a solo preneur, a mom preneur, an entrepreneur, whatever you like to call yourself there. There are bonus videos in each one where I am talking specifically around the nuances of bringing a home run business into my plans, juggling everything else, because I get asked a lot of questions around that Second with that, people are always asking me what tools I use to run the business.

So I've created an entire resource section now for anyone running businesses, just sharing some of my favorite tools, my favorite programs. Anything that I share in there as a resource is something I have personally used, have experienced with and feel comfortable saying hey, I love this product, I love this course, I love this piece of software. Now the second request that I get all the time is everybody wants to see my actual weekly plans. They want to see my actual planning inputs, they want to see my actual monthly plans. Or they ask for hey, could you show me a sample of a weekly plan if you are juggling one kid at home with kids in school, while also working full time, could you show me a sample of a weekly plan of how I could handle this particular stage of life?

So what we have added inside the top program now is I've always done very detailed demos of the weekly and monthly planning. You're seeing the images of it, et cetera. But now we are adding in additional flavors. So this means you will go through the same core content to learn how to master weekly planning. But then there are additional bonus videos where you get to see what does a weekly plan look like at someone juggling children in a small business? What does a weekly plan look like if you are at home in the trenches full-time with littles, so on and so forth, and we will continue to add those samples in as requests continue to come in.

And then, finally, another change that we've added is we have built out some additional Supporting mini courses that are available for those that need it. We have more information on that inside the program. A lot of women get really excited about really learning how to leverage Google, google Drive, sheets, docs, etc. If that's of interest to them. We have additional mini programs now available that you can add on to your top program experience. Now, with that, the foundations of the program are the same. When you purchase it, you get access to it forever.

Every month, I hold a live coaching call. In fact, I have one today, the day I'm recording this, so you always have the ability submit questions to me, and every month I come on live and answer them. As you're going through the course, you have access to me to ask questions as well, and that's something that is really important to me is to make sure that if you are investing your time which is your most precious commodity and your dollars to taking this program, I want to make sure that you have the ability to ask me questions as you are going through it. And then we also have an incredible community available. It's not on social media, it is a private community just for top program students and it's incredibly active. It's another place to ask me questions. People find accountability partners in there, and it is a community that I cherish. So I'm thrilled with these changes that are coming out.

As I continue to Invest my time into leveling up my skills, I'm always looking at new technology. I'm always investigating you know, the latest trends out there. When I find information that is relevant, I always record new training videos and add them in the program, and anytime I make those changes, you get access to that, which is why I said at the very beginning for all of my current top program students Everything I've just covered here in this episode, you get all of it. It will already be inside of your training portal. Now, if you want to learn more about it, if you really want to understand the nuts and bolts of what is everything inside the top program, the best way for you to do that is to head over to um, this url address. Just go to the work life harmony dot com. There you can sign up to watch a free video training and in the beginning, the first 20ish minutes or so of that video, I'm teaching some time management skills and kind of helping you get started, and then the rest of the video I am breaking down everything inside the top program. So if you really want to learn, um, everything that comes with it, that's going to be your best place to go. Now. Maybe you've been listening to this podcast and you're already saying I just want the program, I don't even need to watch a video. So if that is the case for you, please email into team at megansumrell.com. Let us know you're ready to enroll in the top program and we will get you set up right away.

Um, this has been a I don't even want to call it a labor of love because it didn't feel laborious. Um, it's something I absolutely love doing. Uh, but these last couple months, getting all of this new content Recorded, organized and ready for you has been my number one focus and I am tickled pink to get it into your hands. Have a fantastic week. Getting on top of all things time management, organization and productivity doesn't have to stop just because this episode is over. If you want one tap access to all of my training and current top podcasts. Go to the app store or Google Play and download the Pink Bee app. It's one word the pink be. It is jam-packed with simple yet powerful tips and strategies to get you out of overwhelm and into harmony. And if you have a question you want me to cover on a future episode, go to iTunes and ask your question in the podcast review section. And while you're there, don't forget to leave a five star review.


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