What Your Calendar Silently Says About Your Priorities

I recently had a call with a client.  We've been working on a new structure and schedule for her (yes, there is a difference between structure and schedule.)

She was so excited to show me the “command center” calendar she set up for her family of 5.  

It was gorgeous.  A large calendar white board in her kitchen area.  She had a different color labelled for each of her 3 kids and husband.  All of their activities, meetings, trips, etc were on the calendar with times and necessary notes.

I let her walk me through the whole thing.  When she was done, I asked how it was working to help her feel less overwhelmed.  

Her response was exactly what I thought.  She said, “It helps some...I feel more organized….but I still can’t get seem to get any of my stuff done.”

Then I asked her this question.  What is your color on the calendar?

She looked puzzled. 

I told her she had all of her family’s stuff on there.  They each had a color.  The things that were important to them are all listed out.  But there was absolutely nothing on the calendar for her.  

She had 3 important events in the upcoming week.  Three things that were really important to her that she needed to attend and give her undivided attention.  They were not on the calendar.

What message was this sending to her family?  

Friends...we ALL need a color on the family calendar.  We ALL have things that are important to us...and they deserve to be recognized, respected, and put on the calendar.  We all deserve to communicate that our meetings, tasks, events are a priority, too.

What is YOUR color?  As I am sure you already guessed, mine is pink.

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