146 Why I Love Pink

the color pink, The Pink Bee, work life harmony

Why do I love the color pink so much? If you’ve ever wondered this, today’s episode is giving you the inside scoop on the reasons pink means so much to me and my business, The PINK Bee. Plus, I share how the color pink is tied to passion and what it has to do with you creating work + life harmony!

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What does the color pink mean to you?
I was recently asked about my obsession with pink and why I love it SO much that I even named my business “The Pink Bee” and filled my branding with shades of pink!
So, today, I’m diving into my deep love of pink and what it has to do with my mission to share how women everywhere can create work + life harmony.
By the end of this episode, you will learn:
  • What the color pink symbolizes for me
  • Why the concept of passion is tied to the color pink 
  • How I challenged my desire to be professional, successful, and passionate about creating The Pink Bee and its mission to spread work + life harmony

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