192 Why SMART Goals are not enough with Mindi Huebner

Why SMART Goals are not enough with Mindi Huebner


Just when you thought SMART goals were the secret to success, Mindi Huebner reveals an unexpected twist that will change the way you approach goal-setting forever. Her concept of 24-karat outcomes taps into the power of the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to shift their beliefs and truly embody their desired change. Are you ready to unlock your true potential?

Mindi Huebner joins the show this week and is an intuitive mindset mastery coach. She brings her expertise in helping six, seven, and eight-figure entrepreneurs achieve their goals through aligning their conscious and subconscious minds. With years of experience in the field, Mindi has developed unique strategies to unlock the hidden potential of individuals who are tired of setting goals without achieving them. Her approach focuses on addressing the limitations of SMART goals and incorporating subconscious alignment to create a powerful balance between goal setting and goal getting. Get ready to learn from Mindi's insights and take your goal achievement to the next level.

In this episode, you will be able to:
1. Explore the crucial need for aligning your conscious and subconscious objectives to excel.
2. Unveil the secrets behind fashioning top-tier, 24-karat results in setting your aspirations.
3. Dive into the world of mindfully involving the subconscious in your favor with visualization and affirmations.
4. Absorb the knowledge of how to mesh your belief system with your intended results, steering clear of self-sabotage.
5. Grasp the power of establishing a constructive outlook when defining your objectives.

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 00:00:00 - Megan Sumrell
Hey there. So if you love setting goals and maybe you are a fan of the Smart Goal acronym, this episode is for you. Now, I am not here to say that the Smart Goal acronym is not good or doesn't work. It absolutely has its merit and some real strengths, but it's not enough. It paints an incomplete picture for set your goals and could still leave you feeling like you are consistently not hitting them. And the best part of today's episode is that I am bringing in my dear friend and expert, Mindi Huebner, who's really going to explain exactly what's missing from the Smart Goal acronym and then what it is we can do about it. So let's go ahead and get started. Welcome to the Work + Life Harmony podcast. I'm your host, Megan Sumrell. I'm the creator of the top program and top planner, teaching all things time management, organization and productivity for women. I'm also a mom and wife, and just like you, I'm juggling hashtag all the things while running multiple businesses and a family. Guess what? You don't have to feel constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out. There is another way. When you have the right systems and tools to plan and manage your time, you can live a life of harmony. This is your show to learn from me and other amazing women how to master your time, planning and organization. To skyrocket your productivity so you can have Work + Life Harmony. If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, this is the show for you. And if you're new here, I'd love to get you started with my Work + Life Harmony assessment. All you have to do is DM me on Instagram @MeganSumrell with the word Harmony and my team will send it right over. All right, everyone, welcome back to Work + Life Harmony I have a treat for everyone today. I have one of our repeat guests back on The Pink Bee. I've known Mindy for years. We go way back now and I've had the pleasure working with her as a client as well for years. I believe so much in what she does and the impact that you have had on my life mindy. And today I wanted to have you on to talk about goals, specifically the acronym of Smart Goals. So I have shared in some of my own prior episodes my take on goal setting, what makes good goals, what doesn't, all of that. And one of the things I haven't shared before is back in my tech career, I had a long stint where I would be in charge of supporting teams that were the ones that were going to write down specifically what the software we were building was supposed to do and they would call them like requirements. And we leaned into that acronym as well, building those of the Smart Requirements or Smart Goals. And unfortunately, I see, and I'm sure you cringe when you see tons of experts and articles and all of that out there today that talk about the importance of setting smart goals. Because I know you have a very different take on this. So Mindy, why don't you introduce yourselves and then we're going to break down what the smart acronym is and then dive into this conversation about what's really going on when it comes to goal setting and our conscious and subconscious.

00:03:23 - Mindi Huebner
Thank you. I am so excited to be back again. It feels like who would always come on the talk shows, they would always have that person like, oh, we're going to have them back again to hang out with us. I love being here. I adore you and your community is always so welcoming and so ready to learn. So thank you again for having me back. I'm Mindy. I'm an intuitive mindset mastery coach. The go to coach for six, seven and eight figure entrepreneurs who are so done with setting goals and not getting them, who are getting stuck with their limiting beliefs and ready to just unlock what that code is. To get to where they want to go faster, with more ease and more joy. And today we're going to talk about how smart goals are dumb but you're not.

00:04:12 - Megan Sumrell
I love that smart goals are dumb but you're not. We were chatting, I was like, do we be so bold as to say dumb? Because in our household we always talk to her like, that's a bad word. We don't say that. But I think we're going to be a little edgy today and just throw it out there. So smart goals, I'm sure many of our listeners have heard of everyone talking about the importance of the reason you're failing at your goal setting is you haven't set smart goals. So let's break down the acronym smart and why they're called smart goals. So S is I'm going to see if I can remember them because it's been so long.

00:04:45 - Mindi Huebner
You and I are both because this is not how we set goals.

00:04:49 - Megan Sumrell
S stands for specific. You need to be specific. M is measurable. A is where I always get off. Is a attainable measurable.

00:05:01 - Mindi Huebner
Yes, I believe it is. I believe it is.

00:05:03 - Megan Sumrell
Meaning that you're not like going, hey, I've never run a day in my life, but tomorrow I'm going to run a marathon. Like, come on, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe two years from okay. So attainable are realistic. I don't know. How embarrassing is this? This is why to me, I haven't used smart goals in so long either. And then the T being time bound, yeah, have an actual date. So the intent behind a, quote, smart goal again, is that you're getting very specific. You have things in place to measure your progress. You have it time bound. And so it's kind of taking me, I've got my goal, but then I sort of have a plan in place to get there. So when we think about just that. It sounds, hey, this is good. And the intent I don't hate smart goal.

00:05:53 - Mindi Huebner
Yeah, I don't hate it. What I am not in love with is it is leaving out so many things for you. So while we're just tongue in cheek like smarkles are dumb, right? They're missing an essential ingredient. When you are setting this, you're doing this with your conscious brain. Your conscious brain is about 5% of what is going on.

00:06:17 - Megan Sumrell
Wait, when you say my conscious brain is 5%, does that mean, like right now, having this conversation with you, only 5% of my brain is firing, or.

00:06:30 - Mindi Huebner
What do you mean by that? Not exactly. However, your programming, if we think about your conscious and your subconscious, roughly 95% of the things that go on, your attitudes, your unconscious processes, how you breathe, the things that you do without thinking about them, your beliefs, your perceptions, like your emotional reaction, patterns, habits, things like that, that's your subconscious. That's 95% of how things operate. So 5%, we'll just use these numbers. 5% is your conscious. Like, I'm consciously doing this, I'm consciously doing that, and all the other stuff is literally running in the back. So I just read this great book, and it's called The Ant and the Elephant. So just think about it like that, right? The ant is the conscious and the elephant is the subconscious. Like, just think about the difference in mass, right? This is why when we set a smart goal consciously and we don't make shifts at the subconscious level and we don't pull our subconscious in and align our conscious and subconscious, we set goals but don't get them. Because your conscious brain is the goal setter and your subconscious brain is the goal getter.

00:07:50 - Megan Sumrell
I love that. So your conscious brain is the goal setter. Your subconscious brain is the goal getter. Okay, I have like 8000 questions now that I want to ask you something for my role. I hope I can answer them all. Yeah, we don't have that much time today. So for those listening who love to, such as myself, set goals, break them down into plans, get them built into our weekly plan to track them, measure them, all of that. What is it that we need to do to align them with our subconscious? And is that the right strategy? Is it that we want to align it with our subconscious? Or how do we bring that in?

00:08:27 - Mindi Huebner
Yeah, we want to check in first, right? And so, again, just for me, a goal is an aim, it's a direction, it's a purpose. Goals are essential, right? They're like, where are we going? What's the direction that we're going? Outcomes are what actually happen, right? So the goal for the week is the plan, right? Like, this is the goal and the outcome is how we executed the plan and how circumstances helped us out or didn't, right? And so then we have the outcome, we have the actual result. And so, as you know, with my clients, I take us from goals to 24 karat outcomes. Like what outcome do we want to create? And in order to get there, we have this specific measurable. Now, I do it a little bit differently. Like, I call it something else. I talk through mastering your outcomes, like what that needs to be. And we don't just write it out on paper. I want to have $50,000 right in my bank account by this date and this and that. We don't just do that. That's great. And we get to then check in. Okay, well, what does my body say when I say this is that was.

00:09:52 - Megan Sumrell
Kind of an example of a goal that someone may have is, hey, I am going to save $50,000. Earn, let's say earn maybe we're talking about someone who's running. I'm going to earn $50,000 by the end of the year and you're going to have a plan of maybe the specific things that you are selling or making or whatever to achieve that. And so that seems like a specific measurable, time bound goal. And it's very conscious. So now when we shift into the check in with the subconscious, exactly what.

00:10:23 - Mindi Huebner
Are the first thoughts that come up when we think about this thing that we say we want? Because we consciously say we want things all the time, right? And then what do we do? I consciously want to sleep more. Like, I say, like, oh, I want more sleep. My body deserves sleep. And then what am I doing? 11:00 doom scrolling, right? Like, what am I doing to myself here? Well, consciously I said one thing right? But subconsciously I have not aligned that. And so we get to really check in with that. Like, where are we? What does this feel like in our body? What are the thoughts that come up when we say this? All of those pieces. So when we create a 24 carat outcome, I definitely like to do it in the future and work backwards. And when I say backwards, it's not necessarily working backwards with so I'm going to send so if I want $50,000 by the end of the year, then how much income will I want to have brought in by this time? Because of how my business fluctuated in this quarter. Right. We're not necessarily reverse engineering in that way. We are calling in the ways that our subconscious works, which is pictures and sounds and feelings. Pictures and sounds and feelings. So let's use a better example for your amazing people. I want to quarterly plan.

00:11:44 - Megan Sumrell
Okay. I love that. So we have a goal where I'm going to commit to doing my quarterly plan every single quarter this year.

00:11:52 - Mindi Huebner
Yes. So that's 120 day goal, let's say if it's the next, like so I love to work 30, 60, 9120 works great too. So we're in Q one and we're like okay, by the end of Q two, I want to have a quarterly plan in place. Like, this is who I want to be. And here's the next piece, right? We're not just muscling our way through. We are again, okay, well, who do I get to be to be a quarterly planner? What does that feel like? What does that look like? What does that taste like? What does that smell like? What does that sound like? Pictures and sounds and feelings are our subconscious. So when we bring all those things in, that is when we find that alignment between the way that we're consciously showing up and that we're supporting ourselves with our subconscious. Like, we're not this, right? We're not fighting. And so if it's quarterly planning, then I'm going to say, okay, it's now June 30. I don't know. I'm making up a date right now. It's June 30 and I am a queen b quarterly planner. I and now notice how we're saying I am because this is beliefs and our subconscious is in our beliefs, right? Like, this is where our beliefs come from. I am a queen bee quarterly planner. I am enjoying the ease that has come with mapping out my quarter in advance. I see the spaces on my calendar that are already taken, the white space that's available to me, the whatever, right? I see, what am I seeing? So when you're quarterly planning, what are you seeing? And if you were to sit back at the end of a quarter, like, if you went to the end of it and you were like, oh, here's what I see as I'm breathing in being a queen bee of quarterly planning.

00:13:50 - Megan Sumrell
I'd say the biggest thing that I.

00:13:52 - Mindi Huebner
Always see is I see that I.

00:13:54 - Megan Sumrell
Am not feeling like I am sprinting through a marathon last minuteing, everything in exhaustion, because I have planned accordingly. And therefore I get to do the things that are most important and meaningful in ways that don't stress me out.

00:14:12 - Mindi Huebner
Amazing. So I am going to invite everyone because we know what we don't want. Megan was really clear. Like, I'm not sprinting. I'm not stressing. I'm not doing this. Let's flip that. Let's reframe it. So it's now June 30, and I am sitting here breathing in this amazing quarterly plan. Like, I showed up for myself. I feel amazing. I see the ease that comes with planning, how I created space by not waiting until the last minute and start talking. You're calling it in. So we're saying these words, but we're seeing now. And I feel like I can take a big deep breath and I feel like there's lots of space externally and internally, and I feel XYZ in my mind. So we get to talk about feelings internally and externally because, again, subconscious thinks in pictures and sounds and feelings. And so we're consistently taking the conscious and wiring it up with that. We want those two things in alignment so that when we go, I'm a quarterly planner. You are flooded with the feelings and the sounds and the pictures that that means for you, right? What connections have you made? What does that mean? So I see, I hear I hear my family, right, having fun and enjoying our time together, because I've chosen a different way to show up, right? I've chosen a less stressful way to get through our quarter together. Like all of those pieces. So I see, I hear, I feel internally and externally when we know and when we're talking about knowing in the way of diving into a swimming pool of knowing. So I taste what am I tasting as a queen bee quarterly planner? For me, I'm tasting water, coffee. I have both right now. Nespresso. I just want to add I'm addicted and I'm not ashamed. I am tasting right, this hot cup of coffee because I have the time to enjoy it. Boom, boom, boom. We can call this visualization. It's more than that because not everybody sees visually can cast a vision. So it's okay if you feel less than versed in casting a vision. You get to hear the vision. You get to feel the vision. You get to smell the vision. For me, it's also going to smell like bergamot essential oil that's my go to energizing. Like, here I am oil, right? So you get to put all those pieces into place that way. So now we've gone from setting this specific measurable attainable realistic timed goal. Hopefully, it goes all right to now we have a 24 carat outcome. Now we have taken those pieces and we have connected our conscious and subconscious. We've aligned ourselves. What we didn't talk about, but that is important and we touched on it was we cannot hustle our beliefs. So if we say we want this goal but we don't believe that we have what it takes to get it, well, we will self sabotage. This is with everything. So another one of the pieces on the 24 karat, creating a 24 karat outcome. We're seeing, we're feeling, we're tasting, we're diving into a swimming pool of and we got here because and this is where we pat ourselves on the back for tapping into all our internal resources. So we call this a future paced outcome because remember, we're saying it's now. June 30, got my hot cup of coffee. Queso is by my feet. I'm so expansive because I have quarterly planned.

00:18:20 - Megan Sumrell
For those of you that don't know, queso is the name of my dog. I don't keep a pool of cheese dip at my feet. Although that sounds delightful as well.

00:18:29 - Mindi Huebner
Silly me. I just assumed that everyone would know Queso with you.

00:18:33 - Megan Sumrell
She does make an appearance on the regular.

00:18:36 - Mindi Huebner
So we get to I achieved this because, all right, friend, now is where you brag about yourself. Now is where you dig deep. Now is where you pull out those internal resources. I achieved this because I deserve it. I achieved this because I got my family on board to not bother me during whatever, right? I achieved this because I set boundaries and held them for myself. I achieve this because I'm smart. I achieve this because I'm funny. I achieve this because I can pivot, right? Like, what are all those?

00:19:13 - Megan Sumrell
And we're saying all of these as we are establishing or creating this goal. So when we're saying these statements of what I've done, we're talking to our future self. This isn't at the end of the goal, right?

00:19:26 - Mindi Huebner
Right. So I'm going in, like, order of when I fill out a 24 carat outcome. And these are all as we're talking through it. It's now June 30, and I am a Queen B quarterly planner. And I see and I hear and I feel. And I achieve this because nothing gets in my way from having that internal space that allows me to show up at my best and really give to people the way I want to give, right? And I achieved this because I took time for myself. I made sure I prioritized weekly runs. I XYZ. How are the ways what are all the things you did, all the internal resources you tapped into to support yourself? And maybe one of your internal resources is and it's not even a maybe. Everyone has this one. It's did we employ it? I achieved this because I asked for help, because I know that I am worthy of support and I deserve support. So I Googled, I read a book, I got a coach, I asked a friend, I co opt some childcare time or whatever, right? Like, tap into how magnificent you already are. So this whole process, what we're doing, we're using Affirmations without knowing it. We're using visualization. And that's the embodiment of we are rewiring our brain.

00:20:49 - Megan Sumrell
And is this now connecting us to our subconscious with this by going through this?

00:20:53 - Mindi Huebner
All of these, okay, so all of.

00:20:55 - Megan Sumrell
This because, again, this is not my zone of genius. I'm so very black and white with a lot of this stuff. But if I'm saying it and writing it down, isn't that my conscious? How am I calling in my subconscious?

00:21:06 - Mindi Huebner
Yes, I am. So you're saying it and you're writing it down, but you're embodying your pictures and sounds and feelings. You're tapping into what the subconscious operates in beliefs, feelings, emotions, all of those pieces. So we want to pull that in because I can logically write down, I want to run three times this week, right? Here's my goal. I'm going to run three times this week. Okay, well, I set that with my goal setting brain. Now my goal getting brain, my subconscious, right, is like, okay, well, how are we going to feel? What makes this compelling to us? We can say it all day long, and then it's going to come time, and we're maybe not going to feel like it. Everybody's been there, right? Right. And so instead, when we set the outcome and remind me to like I want to tap on one more thing too. We're going to of course, talk about James Clear.

00:21:59 - Megan Sumrell
Of course.

00:22:02 - Mindi Huebner
When we call that in, I've set this on my calendar for three times this week. Like set this sacred space for myself, to take care of myself in a way that I love. Okay, it's now five minutes after my run and what do I see and what do I hear and what do I feel and why did I achieve this?

00:22:23 - Megan Sumrell

00:22:23 - Mindi Huebner
Like all of those pieces we totally pull in the embodiment of. The other thing that we're doing there is we are switching from going for a run to being a runner. We're not muscling our way to one time being a quarterly planner. Any of us can. Well, if you're a plan of palooza member as my hand is raised for those of you that can't see us. If you're a plan of lose a member or a member of the other planning your planning program, then you teach us how to do that. We can show up and muscle our way through. No shade to you because you're amazing. But if I don't believe it and I don't pull in all my pieces, I can muscle my way through quarterly planning and not embody nor enjoy the process. However, when I decide to start rewiring and start pulling in and aligning my subconscious with this outcome of quarterly planning, I can now cast votes towards being a quarterly planner all the time. Because how does she show up? What does she think? Like when she picks out a new planner or when she looks at her calendar, right? Is she hearing Megan in her head saying, don't just say yes. Say I'll need to check my calendar at home too. So you're giving yourself phase, right. All the things that you share with us to make this difference for us. So if we get our subconscious on board and start to embody the humans who our quarterly planners, our weekly planners, like all of that, we'll be casting votes all the time. And that's literally rewiring every single time we do it. And we'll create this.

00:24:11 - Megan Sumrell
A lot of people, and even I have teach this as well, the importance of anytime I'm embarking on a new goal is really connecting with the why part of it. But this takes the why to a whole different level. And it's so much more. It's one thing to say, okay, here's why this is important to me and want to do it. It's a whole other to go down and connect to all those parts of our subconscious. I feel like it takes that why and then blows it up to cover all aspects.

00:24:41 - Mindi Huebner
Exactly. So for those of you who have never tuned into Megan and I before, your brain deletes distorts and generalizes based on your beliefs. And so since your beliefs are subconscious then you get to start recognizing when you set the goal to be a quarterly planner, you say consciously going to be June 30, I'm in a quarterly plan. What's going on? What's the first thing that pops up in your head? What's the little voice telling you? Did your tummy just go that sounds like something that's not fun. That sounds like something I don't want to do that okay. Then we get to dig into and we get to remember structure is freedom. The more we lean into creating the container for our success on a subconscious level, the more expansive humans we get to like in all things because we start practicing casting the votes here and you said it, we're speaking to our future self this way. Our future self is also like saying that's like we got this. Just keep casting those votes most of the time and we're becoming this human. We are embodying the identity, not just muscling our way to something because that is not sustainable. And so that's why when we say we want something but we don't make those internal, those subconscious changes as well as environmental changes for us. That's why it's so hard and it's so much work. And then we're not goal getters, we're just goal staff.

00:26:19 - Megan Sumrell
So maybe instead of saying that smart goals aren't smart it's just smart goals are incomplete. They are. They are incomplete. Just missing a couple of letters to the acronym to bring in all the parts of the subconscious.

00:26:34 - Mindi Huebner
Absolutely. Because if your math planning brain, right? And mine is not a math planning which is me probably very much loves those parameters and those types of things, right? Like you said, it's black and white. In math there's always an answer while in the subconscious there's not always a clear like right. You just go with a knowing as opposed to here is the decimal point answer.

00:27:02 - Megan Sumrell

00:27:02 - Mindi Huebner
Like it's a knowing, it's a feeling, it's different. And so you still get to tap into those and we were teasing saying they're dumb, right? You still get to tap into them and use that and you get to put in the secret ingredient, the missing ingredient that so many people don't even know. And that's how to align your subconscious with it so that you can make those lasting changes so good and truly.

00:27:29 - Megan Sumrell
I think when you can layer the very pragmatic 5% conscious brain aspects of goal setting which is my happy place absolutely. With then all of those subconscious skills together that's really going to be where the magic happens. And what's been interesting for me is you walked me through one of these exercises a while back. I didn't know that that's what she was doing at the time. It's all clicking for me now. But I go back and read that often as tied to one of the goals that I have for myself. And it is covering feeling and sensing and what I'm seeing. And it's the future, Megan. And these things are always uncomfortable for me because I am so pragmatic and a little bit of an eye roll. But I will tell you, going back and reading them, every time I read it, I feel so much more empowered and connected to what I'm working toward that I'm finding for myself. A question I get a lot, and I know you must get a lot too is Megan how do I stay motivated? Right? But how do I have a willpower? This is what is fueling that motivation for me. On days where it might feel hard or I feel off or I feel out of whack or I'm questioning things, having that part of my goal to go back and connect with is what fuels me to work through the stages and parts sometimes that aren't as fun. Whereas just a goal statement, a smart goal statement, is likely not always going to be enough to get you super excited about getting through some of the harder parts.

00:29:17 - Mindi Huebner
Exactly 100. And what I love about how you said you go back and look at it, your brain doesn't know the difference between real and imagined. Think about that. Think about the last movie you saw, the last book you read. You laughed, you cried, you got scared, right? You were on the edge of your seat. It was fake. You knew it was fake. Your brain, though, was triggering your body to react, how you would react for real, right? So your brain doesn't know the difference between real and imagine. So as you imagine, as you vision out, as you feel it and hear it and taste it and smell it, you're teaching your body how it's going to feel so that each time you cast a vote now for that, Megan, your body's like, this is us. We're hurt. We're already hurt. We're just unlocking, unlocking, unlocking. We're wiring and wiring and wiring to be the full embodiment of her. But we're casting votes like we're constantly showing up as her. And it will allow your Raz to switch so that, oh, here's a way that I can cast a vote that we didn't necessarily see before because it wasn't in our forefront, because we were deleting, distorting and generalizing based on the belief that orderly planning is constrictive. And I won't have any fun. And all the lies that we tell ourselves about planning, right? So now, once you start rewiring that belief and that emotional response and your attitudes about it and you start proving it to yourself, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, is going to start sending you ways to show up like that, that you never thought of before. Ways that feel easy and expansive, easier, more joyful like so many different things will start coming at you to help you create these 24 carat outcomes. So that you can be in full alignment all the time with that.

00:31:26 - Megan Sumrell
This was so good. I feel like it's almost like next level goal planning. It's really giving yourself all the armor, all the tools, all the everything that maybe the tools we don't so easily see touch to set ourselves up for this. So for folks that are wanting to dive more into this and really learning how to go through this process and connecting their subconscious to their conscious with their goals, what are some resources that you have available? What would you recommend?

00:31:59 - Mindi Huebner
Yeah, I have a master class. Okay, well, perfect then please come and join me live master class. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions. We'll walk through, we'll do a little pre work and when I say prework, I mean it'll be on the master class. It's less than 45 minutes long. Promise is totally worth it. You will walk away with a giant breakthrough about who you get to be, about how to connect and align your conscious and subconscious. We'll do a little prework to remember how our brain works and what are the essential keys to get what we want and then dive right into creating a 24 karat outcome in the area of whatever you desire. And that's the other thing too, is that when we create a 24 karat outcome, we did not get as detailed as we will get on the thing. Because those details are magic, right? Because that's what calls it in. Like I'm tasting my half calf Nespresso, right? Like really calling in the details so that I am in the moment of it and we'll walk through all those things.

00:33:06 - Megan Sumrell
Okay, I will make sure that we have a link to where people can go to sign up for the master class in the show notes. So definitely encourage you all to do that. I will say it was a very as I mentioned, it's something I go back and leverage and reread and reuse and I feel like I am feeling my goals for the first time. Like, I've always seen them, I've been driven by them, but it's different to actually feel it. I think that's the best way that I can describe it. And guys, this is the most I am telling you this from a math major, pragmatic, real black and white kind of person. So if I can go through this and truly see and feel a different way of establishing, creating and achieving goals, I think it's something everybody should experience once. So I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to be offering this master class. So definitely, guys, check out the link to the show notes. Run, do not walk. Get signed up for that. Is there anything else that you want to share about this today, Mindy?

00:34:09 - Mindi Huebner
No, I want people to be able to switch at the subconscious level to make those changes at the identity level to go from muscling their way to planning once, to becoming planners and embodying it and enjoying it oh, my gosh. Because of what it offers for you, because of what opens up when you become the human who. That's just always what it is, becoming the human who. And you get to do that. Like, starting right now, you get to start thinking about what that would get to feel like and sound like and taste like and smell like and all those things.

00:34:45 - Megan Sumrell
Wow. I love it. Thank you again so, so much for your time. It's always a treat to have you here. And where should people where can they reach out to follow you?

00:34:54 - Mindi Huebner
Yeah, they can find me on Instagram and TikTok. I really love me some TikTok.

00:34:59 - Megan Sumrell
I am not there. I do not talk on the tick or tick on the talk. That is one of my boundaries. But I do follow mindy on instagram. We've got a link to that as well in the show notes. I would encourage you guys to do the same. Thank you so much.

00:35:13 - Mindi Huebner
Thank you.

00:35:16 - Megan Sumrell
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