155 Why You are Always Winning the Game You Are Playing with Mindi Huebner

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Annual planning time is here, so I’m once again chatting with one of my favorite podcast guests, Mindi Huebner, as we dive into how to master your mindset while creating your long-term plans and priorities. Because we all know that no matter how great our plans are, nothing works without the right mindset!


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How many times do you start working towards a new goal or plan with your intentions and priorities in check, only to have your mind completely derail you?
Don’t worry, I’ve been there, too, and know firsthand that it’s hard to make progress on even the best thought-out plans when we don’t have the right things in place between our ears.
That’s why, today, I’m bringing back the incredible Mindi Huebner, who is here to help you master your mindset when it comes to long-term goals and annual planning. 
By the end of this conversation, you will learn:
  • Why do those voices in your head and your “internal clutter” always seem to derail you and your priorities
  • The way to approach annual planning and long-term goals in a way that will work for you
  • How to finally stop self-sabotaging, own your identity, and master your mindset
Then, if you’re ready for more from Mindy, be sure to check out her previous appearances on the podcast in Episode 102 on habit stacking, Episode 34 on mastering your outcomes, and Episode 10 on living your life on purpose. You can also follow her on Instagram @mindihuebner.
And be sure to join Mindi and me at my upcoming Plan-a-Palooza event on October 18th and 19th! Grab your ticket HERE.

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