4 Reasons I Love the Color Pink

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Recently, I was asked about my obsession with the color pink. Why is everything pink? Why am I always wearing pink? Why is my business called “The Pink Bee”?

So, in this blog post, I’m giving you a look inside my love for all things pink and telling you why this color means so much to me that I named my business The PINK Bee.


Reason 1: What the Color Pink Means to Me Personally

For me, the color pink symbolizes the feminine.

By feminine, I don’t mean only women, but the fantastic feminine qualities that anybody can have — regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

I’m talking about feminine qualities such as being gentle, tender, caring, protective and nurturing.

As a mom, sister, wife, and just as me, Megan, those qualities are part of who I am. These qualities also remind me of a soft pink — which is certainly a part of my brand.

However, hot pink, the primary color associated with The Pink Bee, has a different meaning. For me, hot pink symbolizes energy, passion, excitement, and a little bit of edginess.

And I am someone who embodies these qualities, too! Yes, I can be gentle and nurturing, but I’m also full of passion with an edgy side.


Reason 2: The Color Pink’s Relationship to Passion

Several years ago, I researched the meaning of the color red because you can't have pink without red, right? The color pink is always some combination of red and white.

Depending on the culture and context, red can mean several different things ranging from anger to love — and a whole lot in between.

But when you look at what red symbolizes, across the board, there is one common theme and it is passion.

I can definitely relate to this because I am passionate about a lot of things, and this passion a common thread throughout much of my life.

I love the following visual example of the color red as passion and what happens when we spread this passion throughout our lives.

If you have a huge bowl of water and add just a few drops of red food coloring, the color (or the passion, if you will) quickly spreads to all of the water and creates a beautiful pink transformation. Of course, the more red you add, the brighter your pink will get, but it’s still some shade of the color pink.

I love thinking about the transformative power of passion and how it spreads to others in our lives.

When you enter any given room or situation, you may not know the transformation your passion brings or how brightly it will spread, but you WILL have an impact.

And part of my mission here at The Pink Bee is to bring work + life harmony to as many women as possible and to see that “pink” spread throughout the world. 


Reason 3: Pink is Who I Truly Am

Back in college, when I was first interviewing for jobs, I wasn’t quite so confident in myself and I certainly hadn’t found my pink-colored mission to spread work + life harmony yet.

There was one interview in particular that I remember getting ready for, and initially, I had on a pink shirt that I loved with my suit. 

When I came out of my room, my roommate said, “You can't wear pink to an interview. They’ll never hire you.”

Honestly, I hadn't even thought about it. I was just being me. But I went back into my room and changed into a white blouse to wear with my suit instead.

Now, I know the person I am today wouldn’t have cared and would even have gone as far as to say that if they don’t want me in my pink shirt, I probably don’t want to work there anyway.

Long story short, my white shirt and I got the job. But after just three months of being there, I already started looking for another opportunity.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because it wasn't the right fit for me. 

Who knows... Maybe if I had worn my pink shirt to the interview, I could have avoided the whole experience. Because if I was still hired, maybe I would’ve felt more authentically me from the start and the whole situation may have been different.

Years later, what I’ve come to learn is that I can be 100% professional and still show up rocking whatever shade of pink I want. The two are mutually exclusive.


Reason 4: Pink Represents Work + Life Harmony

When I think of the word harmony, I think of pink. 

Because, again, for me, harmony feels like a blanket of softness and the gentleness of that beautiful pink. 

Sometimes, you may be a vibrant, hot pink, and sometimes you may be a light, soft pink. But when I talk about work + life harmony, both can be true for you, too!

You can have your work in whatever that looks like for you — whether it's working at a corporate office, running your own business, or running your household — and it can be completely harmonious with your personal life.

You get to have BOTH...and you get to be whatever shade of pink you want to be in the process.

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