The Long-Term Benefits of Taking Control of Your Schedule with Leah S.

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I am excited to introduce you to Leah S., a user of the TOP program who is a few years in. She discovered it after struggling in the life of a dissatisfied stay-at-home mom, who knew she had something to offer and wanted to build her own business but never thought she had the time.

The TOP Transformation

I'm now proud to say that she works from home full time, and it was through implementing the formulas and concepts found in the TOP program that she was able to find success. Before TOP, she had no structure or organization and was just trying to survive while keeping two small kids alive. It felt like running on a hamster wheel and was emotionally draining.

She'd tried all the planners and journals, but it just felt like life was running her. Also, shoutout to how much we both hate bullet journals. We know many people love them, but for people who struggle with overwhelm, bullet journaling is exhausting. You see freedom, and I see a lawless paper land that I somehow have to find time to layout and fill. It just becomes shifting lists, and we hate it, there we said it.

Getting to the Implementation Phase

Before she found TOP, Leah knew she had plans but had no idea how to get them from her head to the world. She had no idea she had time and the tools to launch her own business. Now though, she can see her goals and a realistic path to reach them. As we say in the TOP program ;), she reverse engineers it and does small daily tasks that build on each other to work up to larger goals. 

Sure, she still struggles with boundaries and work-life harmony, but because she's been through the program, if she feels herself slipping somewhere, she can go back and review just what she needs. TOP has become a valuable resource to get back on track. 

You Deserve a Schedule that Serves You

Because you know what she learned? And I think this is so important. She is WORTH having a schedule. And so are you. We're all worth a schedule because our time is precious. We have a limited amount of it, so shouldn't we all make sure that we use it to the best of our abilities?

Yes, we should. And to achieve that, we need structure, since ironically, structure leads to freedom. The structure of TOP is flexible enough to adapt to your unique rhythms while still charting realistic changes to improve your methods of working. 

But Leah's most significant win? Have a structure to go back to that resonates with all seasons of life. And a structure that makes it safe to try, fail, and most importantly, succeed. 

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