How to Increase Your Productivity Without Adding Extra Stress

increase your productivity

Let's talk about productivity. After all, TOP stands for time management, organization, and productivity. Specifically, I'd like to hone in on the question of how we can do our best by doing LESS.

Why Less Can Really Be More

You read that right. So often, we determine success by how much we produce. But does it matter if what we're creating is of poor quality? So often, we focus on how much we're doing instead of how we're doing it. No judgment, I've been there when the overwhelm is too much, and you just need to get it DONE. So you slap it together with some desperate hopes and dreams and say a silent prayer that maybe the recipient of your work won't notice the main ingredient is a bitter wish to be acceptable. 

Call me crazy, but I'd instead do a few things well, as opposed to many things poorly. But how do you decide the few things to focus on and what to wait on? Luckily, TOP comes with a calculator for those tough questions. I know, I know, math. But this is a problem you'll want to solve since it will tell you how to sort your various obligations by importance so you can complete the most critical first.

Order of Completion Matters

This is efficiency, and efficiency will increase your productivity WITHOUT draining you dry in terms of motivation or finding the will to live. Productivity is not a competition. It's a question of ways to streamline tasks and get more efficient and intentional in what you're doing. 

With TOP, you'll get all the tools you need to prioritize (again, formula and everything), and if you think you're life is too crazy to fit the parameters, it's not. Learn how to be more productive than ever while you're working LESS.

Does this sound too good to be true? It'sIt's not, it's simple math, and it recognizes that not all your tasks are equally important. So let's sort them and start getting the most vital out of the way.

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