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This post will share the experience of a client, Jodie, who has gone through The TOP Program. I’ve really loved watching her journey from the outside because she’s gone above and beyond, and it’s been so inspiring to witness. When she says she’s going to do something, she does it! 

Implementing TOP Program Systems

She’s taken the principles inside The TOP Program and implemented them in her life. 

I love to hear her talk about how we crossed paths for a reason. She explains that she’s not a completely different person than before she started working with me, but she had lost herself. She had two young kids and was working outside of the home, with a career, and constantly overwhelmed. She says after meeting with me and getting back on track to control her time and her calendar. 

Before working with me, she worked in corporate finance doing 50 or 60 hour weeks, and her children were three years old and a newborn. She was definitely in the trenches at that time. She explains that it was such a hard season, and she had no idea how to improve it. 

She thought that people just went through this, and it was that hard for everyone. I was a guest on a podcast that Jodie listened to, and she connected with my message and knew that she wanted to work with me. 

How Weekly Planning Can Change Your Life

She leaned into everything around the weekly planning process. She took the parts of the program like the master backlog, the list of all the things, and learning how to prioritize the “want to dos” and the “have to dos” and implemented them into her life. 

She describes her wins from embracing this system as learning to use her time more productively. One of the first things we do inside the program is doing a time audit on how you are spending your time. She realized she was all over the place and wasn’t in charge of her time. 

She was constantly being pulled by different demands that weren’t her decision. 

No wonder she felt like she was all over the place. 

Going through and identifying all of the other hats that we wear and organizing them gives you more time because things can be more streamlined. 

She also describes how she finally feels like she does not constantly forget something. You know that feeling of something lingering that you must not be taking care of or missing something that was supposed to be on your calendar. Weekly planning helps you take control of that because you’re looking at more significant chunks of time and giving yourself space to move things around and be flexible when needed. 

Every Minute of Your Day Doesn’t Have to Be Scheduled

It’s important to know that in The TOP Program, you’re not planning your day from when your eyes open till they close at night. Not every single minute is scheduled. There is time built in where you’re not working or have space to add in essential things that come up. And you’re also planning personal time for yourself. 

I remember on a coaching call with Jodie, I was about to talk about how you should be scheduling in personal time daily, and she said, “Wait, we’re supposed to have personal time every week?!” That’s really what stage she was in and was not adding in the time needed to care for herself. Over time she realized that she really could have the time for personal things daily. 

She initially didn’t schedule that time for her, which we all know leads to frustration and burnout. So it’s not optional to take time to focus on ourselves. It’s vital for you and your family that you stay energized and do things specifically for you. 

Stop Being Stressed Daily

When I asked Jodie if there were one thing she would tell someone interested in The TOP Program, she mentioned that if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life in general and feel like there has to be a better way to manage it all, then you should check out The TOP Program. It was full of “aha” moments for her, and she calls it life-changing for how it’s been able to transform her day-to-day life.  

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