How Systems and Processes Set Your Mom Life Up for Success

systems and processes for moms

I want to use this post to dive into the power of systems and what this means for you related to managing your time and general organization. I have some of the training inside The TOP Program around organization outside of your calendar, but all of it boils down to systems. 

You're probably getting sick of hearing me say systems and processes. But that's where I want to give you an understanding of what I'm talking about. 

Using Simple Formulas to Create Structure 

I use the phrase structure creates freedom a lot, and for people when they hear that it's always a mixed bag, some people listen to it and go, Yes, I love structure, and other moms listen to it and go, Oh my god, no, I do not want structure, I want to have freedom and flexibility. For me and everything inside of this program, when I talk about structure, I'm talking about the systems, and I want to go ahead and reframe this term of system, and I want to introduce it to you as the concept of a formula. 

I was a math major, and I use math analogies a lot. Sorry, not sorry. But let's just think back to basic addition. We can all understand the concept of additions, right? You take two numbers, and you put them into a formula, and then on the back end, you spit out an answer.

The formula stays the same. But depending upon the numbers that you put into it, your output or your answer will be different. Looking back to that structure creates freedom idea, the structure here is the formula. It's addition. If I gave you two numbers and didn't tell you what the heck to do with them and just said, Hey, here's two numbers go ahead and give me an answer. You would think, "What the heck am I supposed to do with these two numbers? Am I gluing them together? Which one comes first? Are we adding subtracting?"

The System Can Work for Anyone

Think of everything you're going to learn inside The TOP Program as that formula you will be learning. There are several different formulas that you're going to learn where at the end of the program, you're going to be carrying with you a calculator that will have these different formulas in it. 

Now the reason why this works for all of the other women that have gone through the program, who are all in their unique worlds, is you get to input your numbers into this formula. 

What do I mean by numbers? I mean, you get to input the realities of your life. What things are you currently juggling? What are all the things that you're responsible for? What are the roles that you're playing? What are the constraints that you're working with, right? This makes your answers very unique and sustainable for you and your life.

As you hear me talk about the systems and processes and why this is such a necessary foundation of everything inside the program, I want you to keep thinking about how powerful and empowered you will be when these fundamental systems are in place. 

Helping You Roll with the Punches

It means you don't have to recreate the wheel. Any time a significant life change comes, a big schedule change, maybe a new role or responsibility falls onto your plate. You don't have to start from zero. 

You will already have the formula that you need. You're just going to need to learn how to bring new inputs into it to create a different output. Now, when we think of this idea of formulas and systems, we can scale it outside of our calendar to other areas of our life and home.

I want you to remember that parts of this may sound overwhelming. But these are learnable traits. It isn't you're born with the ability to be organized or not. You can learn these systems broken down into chunks to make them easy to implement. When I say structure creates freedom, the structure is in understanding the formula. The freedom is in your inputs and your outputs.

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