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time management and organization

This all sounds great, but will it really work for you? Should you invest in ANOTHER task? Is your life even capable of being sorted this way?

These are Skills Anyone Can Learn

Yes. I wasn’t born organized, and I created this program. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone. And I’m not talking like I was mildly slobby. No, I was a borderline hoarder. My mother can attest to this fact as she would gleefully wait every year for camp time. She’d clean out my room and wait for me to notice the crap she hid in the garage, and I never did so that it would get thrown away. I told you hoarder tendencies.

I would lie and tell everyone my homework was done in high school because procrastination was my drug of choice. Then after everyone else in the family went to bed (often at my desperate insistence), I would stay up late finishing everything down to the wire. Sometimes I would even pull Dr. Pepper fuelled all-nighters, and even at 16, I knew this wasn’t a way to function. 

The Tools Matter

If only I would have had TOP; it has tools to lean on when all we want is to live in denial and delay tasks like that’s our job. This program is designed for max efficiency WHILE avoiding overwhelm. Since I know more than anybody when you’re looking for an excuse not to do something, you’ll easily convince yourself it’s too challenging and overwhelming and take a stress nap. 

There are even three ways to get direct support from me if you feel you need a little extra motivation. You can ask real-time questions WHILE you view the videos provided. There is a private Facebook community so you can brainstorm with other program users (I also check in from time to time). Lastly, I offer 1-hour coaching sessions every month to ask questions face to face with me. 

But, the best indicator of whether or not you’d be a good fit in this program is if you’ve found yourself getting excited by learning about it. If just hearing what it COULD do for you is exciting, imagine learning with it. If you know your time is precious and you’d like to find ways to use it better, you’ll do just fine. 

Let’s get started.

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